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Parenting Teen – How to stay connected with your adolescent

Either we have experienced ourselves or we have witnessed the challenges of teenage parenting.

Happy Siblings Day

Happy Siblings Day

TCT wishes you all a very Happy Siblings Day! My brother, Manik is 7 years younger than me, but he has been a friend all through. There are days and weeks and months of no interaction, however, one look at him, after all, those days of missing action (or drama so to speak) comes back!

Different is good 02

Different is good

Teach your child to not be afraid of being different. Being different means to be original. By being original, one gets to put something wonderful in the world that didn’t exist before. To be able to introduce something unique in this world gives him a sense of confidence.

Childhood nostalgia 00

Childhood nostalgia

Let’s take a trip down the memory lane. Shall we? I am in love with the 80’s and the 90’s 😉 The most wonderful time of my childhood was enjoyed in the grandeur of the transition period! Those born around then or grew up in the sepia printed 80’s or the retro maniac 90’s enjoyed the simplicity of the 70’s and they also happened to get a sneak preview of the modern millennium.

Hug it out 02

Hug it out!

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on January 6, 2015 ‘Hug it out’ means a lot to me and here is hoping that instead of holding yourself guilty for something that wasn’t completely your fault, you might want to do the same! Mom and Brat H have been unwell for the past few days. We have got cold…

The year it was, 2014!

As I see you all posting ‘the year it was’ with the lovely pictures of the beautiful holidays you took, those crazy parties you attended, the dances that rocked the floor, the weddings you gate-crashed and the wines you tasted, the men and women you met and dated, the dresses you flaunted.