How To Make Rakhi At Home – 5 DIY Inspirations

by Urvashi Newar

How to make rakhi at home? Well! Here are 5 simple, DIY rakhis that can be made under 10 minutes. So, are you all ready for some arty-crafty-creativity?

Rakhi is here and we at TCT are super thrilled! We would love to share a few easy and homemade inspirations for you to try at home with your little ones. So, mommies and daddies, what are you waiting for? Make this festival a special occasion for you and your little ones’ as they celebrate and enjoy sibling bond in their arty-crafty way!

Let your creative juices flow! Make beautiful rakhis (simple, traditional or modern ones) at home for your brother. We have shortlisted a few quirky designs which will definitely fill the room with smiles- infectious ones.

On this day, sisters tie an amulet on their brother’s wrist, to celebrate the spirit of love and responsibility. It’s a fun way to catch-up on all the family banter! 

So in this post, we have shortlisted five beautiful rakhi designs which are super easy to make and will surely fetch you loads of compliments from your darling brother. So let’s get started.

1. Wool Rakhi:

This rakhi design looks really pretty and will catch everyone’s attention. You would need some yellow wool, red ribbon, embellishments, such as litter or pearl beads, and a pair of scissors. You just need to twist the wool around your fingers for about 20 rounds and then securely tie it at the center, the way you would do it for a pompom. Then, just tie a wooden bead at the center plus another strand behind for making the rakhi.How To Make Rakhi At Home 02

2. Craft Foam Rakhi:

You would need craft foam in bright hues, scissors, glue, and decorative stickers to make this rakhi. Just cut out quirky shapes, could be a car, flower, cartoon character-shaped foam in different colors and secure them with glue. You can add some stickers at the center to add that bling factor. This rakhi design is perfect for kids as they generally like more funky rakhis.How To Make Rakhi At Home 03

3. Zari Motif Rakhi:

If you like traditional designs when it comes to rakhis then this one will be apt for you. You just need to get zari motifs like peacocks or flowers. You can get them easily from a tailoring supply shop. The best thing about zari motifs is that they have a fabric backing, which means it is easy to stitch or stick them onto a gold thread or lace to make a rakhi.How To Make Rakhi At Home 04

4. Paper Quilling Rakhi:

Paper quilling is something which looks beautiful in any form. You can make some really pretty rakhis with the help of paper quilling. All you would need is some colorful craft paper, ribbon, scissors, and glue to make this type of rakhi at home.How To Make Rakhi At Home 05

5. Button-Rakhi:

This rakhi is perfect for kids as the vibrant colors will surely grab their attention. You would need some colorful felt paper or perhaps craft foam, buttons, ribbon, scissors, and glue to make this one. Just cut out different shapes from colorful felt paper and secure all of them on a ribbon and add a button at the center or utilize them in ways (as seen in the picture-wheels of a car). Super easy isn’t. Now that you know about all the quirky rakhi designs, go ahead make rakhi at home right away. We are sure your darling brother will appreciate your efforts and you are going to get an awesome rakhi gift.How To Make Rakhi At Home 06


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Image source: 02, 03, 04, 05, 06

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