5 Quick Ways to Remove Stickers from Furniture

by Tasneem Dhinojwala

Kids love sticking all sorts of things on furniture. After all, they are only being creative. Check out our 5 easy ways to remove stickers from your furniture

Keeping the house spic and span with the little ones in the toe is quite a task. And what with if the young ones believe that it is within their child’s right to stick stickers and papers all over the house.Remove stickers 01

Many times, it is easy to clean by just a normal rub with a cloth after pulling out the stickers. But sometimes, the stickers can play a stubborn role and might not budge as easily as you would want them to. And if left as it is, they tend to accumulate dirt and make the furniture look untidy and ugly. So then what needs to be done? Here are some quick ways to help you to remove stickers from furniture:

1. Use a Blow Dryer:

A blow dryer can be used for other things than just for your hair at times. Use it as a weapon to tackle the sticker monster. Heat the sticker with a blow dryer on the lowest setting. After you have heated the entire sticker, go to one corner. But make sure not to let the dryer too close as it can damage the wood. As the corner is heated now try lifting the sticker with a flat and smooth object. Scrape it out gently while providing heat from the dryer. You can use a plastic credit card or a scraper. But if the wood is expensive and antique then use your fingernails instead.Remove stickers 02

Once you have one edge lifted, grasp it with tweezers. Angle the dryer as you lift out the sticker with the tweezers. If the wood is fragile, then pull across the wood grain to avoid picking up the fibers. Avoid ripping off the sticker as it would lead to a more difficult paperback stuck on the wood. Use the dryer accordingly to soften the glue as you require. You can finish off this process by wiping with a warm wet cloth once the sticker comes off.Remove stickers 03

2. White Vinegar:

White vinegar is found in most of the kitchens. Use it to remove stubborn stickers as well. All you need is to simply soak a cloth in white vinegar and then lay it over the sticker. Let it sit for about five minutes. Then gently peel it off with tweezers or your fingernails. Clean it off with a warm wet towel.Remove stickers 04

3. Petroleum jelly, Moisturising Cream or a Vaporising Rub:

Again commonly available in homes, these two products are handy in removing difficult stickers. But this method requires about eight hours. Apply either petroleum jelly, moisturising lotion or vaporizing rub onto the sticker. Let it sit for the said amount. Once it softens, scrape out the sticker and the slime gently off the wood. For a clean finish add a few drops of dish detergent on the remaining part and rub it to make a paste. Wipe off with a wet paper towel.Remove stickers 05

4. Remove With Vegetable or Baby Oil:

The vegetable oil used for cooking or baby oil can be used effectively for removing stickers from furniture. Just dab a few drops on the sticker and let it sit for a couple of hours. As it softens, gently scrape it off. Using oil for this purpose can darken the color of unfinished wood. But it definitely doesn’t harm the wood. You can rub the remaining part of the furniture with the same oil to match the color. This can even increase the lifespan of most wooden furniture.

5. Using a Paint Thinner:

Using chemicals should be the last resort when it comes to removing stickers from wooden furniture. It can damage the wood finish and the paint underneath. Before you apply it on the sticker, test it in a corner portion to make sure it will not cause harm. Whenever you use the paint thinner, do it in a properly ventilated area or preferably outdoors, because of the harmful toxic fumes. Paint thinners are also flammable, so use it with caution.

Whichever option you choose, first understand how stubborn is the sticker that you have to deal with. Don’t go for the toughest option if the sticker can be removed with just a simple rub of hot wet cloth.

If there are any more ways that you know of, then do share with us.




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