Postpartum bleeding – What’s normal and what’s not!

All that you should know about postpartum bleeding and how to make this transition easier to manage? read on to know..

Post-delivery bleeding is also known as bleeding after pregnancy. Once you deliver your baby, this bleeding will occur and it is normal. The bleeding can last anywhere from one to ten days. Some women experience light spotting after they deliver their baby. This spotting can last for a minimum of four weeks and a maximum of six weeks. Post-delivery bleeding is a common postpartum symptom that involves heavy mucus and blood. This combination is known as lochia.Postpartum bleeding 01

What causes postpartum bleeding?

One question many women want to know is what causes this type of bleeding. When you become pregnant, your body makes thousands of changes to ensure your unborn child is as safe as possible. During this preparation, your body produces extra tissue and blood as cushion and nourishment for the baby.Postpartum bleeding 02

Dealing with postpartum bleeding

When it comes to dealing with post-delivery problems, such as cramping and bloating, you may want to invest in good period panties, also known as postpartum panties. Post-delivery bleeding, cramping and bloating can last several weeks or a few months. There are several brands that specialize in manufacturing period panties. These panties come with an extra layer resulting no stains. have a breathable barrier and are not as tight-fitting as normal panties. They help you relax and give you room to move around and not sleep ugly (rather comfortably).

TCT recommends: For comfort, opt for Adira period panties, which comes in 2 different styles for high flow and low flow days. You can choose your comfort as simple as ordering online.Postpartum bleeding 03

What can you do to make this transition easier to manage?

Managing postpartum bleeding does not have to be as miserable as you think. Here are a few things that can help you cope.

1. Postpartum panties: Postpartum panties , or period panties are the best to use when you are dealing with postpartum bleeding. This type of bleeding is just like your period, so wearing Period panties is ideal. They are a great way to be worry free, even if you mess them up. They give comfort and let you stress free. 

2. Do not wear tampons: You may be custom to wearing tampons, but during your postpartum bleeding process, they should not be worn. Tampons are dangerous to wear because they can introduce bacteria and germs into your genital tract and uterus. Being that your uterus is still recovering from pregnancy and childbirth; the bacteria can cause many post-delivery problems.

3. Get adequate rest: Once your bundle of joy arrives, a huge weight will be lifted, literally, but you are not completely back to the person you were before pregnancy. You and your body requires time to heal and revert to the way your body once was. Although you may feel you have the energy to hit the ground running, remember you have recently given birth, and your body needs time to recuperate.

Look for Warning Signs: 

Lochia is very much like a menstrual cycle and will smell the same . If you notice large blood clots or notice you are using more than four or five pads, completely soaking them in one hour or less, you need to inform your doctor immediately. If you notice a foul smell, this is another reason to call your physician.Postpartum bleeding 04

Dealing with postpartum bleeding can be a frustrating, daunting task, but with specific panties, especially designed for periods (keeping in mind the aspects such as – extra-long size to soak in more flow, night-time pads which are soft and comfortable), the situation will be much easier to cope with. Period panties are available at many retail stores. One of the highly recommended brands is Adira. Click on the image to purchase online!Postpartum bleeding 05




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